100k cypher – 100k mgmt كلمات اغنية

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[verse1: 30 deep grimeyy]
grimeyy, b*tch
tell what you see when you look me in my (what?)
tell what you see when you look me in my eyes, n*gga
long live freak, free his k!ller and the guys, n*gga
everyday i eat, sleep, sh*t, with my fire, n*gga
fifty years old still trappin’, ain’t you tired, n*gga
hundred k or better when we talkin’ on them phones, boy
better call up mike, hit up track, you on a song, boy
had to block a opp, that n*gga asked who k!lled his homeboy
judge gave me bond, 30k, i came home, boy
i got k!llers in the o and i got k!llers in jamaica
caught a high speed in chicago, i had boss top take them
i got thirty deep behind me screamin’ asalamalak*m
catch a n*gga from the other side and we gon’ have to bake him
all my n*ggas with the sh*ts
pull up and let it hit

[verse 2: prince dre]
i want all the smoke like newports short no long
probably got more choppas then osama and my momma know
i been runnin’ wild in the trenches since a snotty nose
i got ties with all the k!llers [?]
do dirt all by my lonely, don’t need no entourage
probably wearin’ all black, catch me up in camouflage
sneakin’ up, creepin’ through your bushes, got my heat out
lil’ shawty know what we about, v’s up for v.roy
gta, that’s get that ass
so when i see lil’ shawty, know what i’ma do
get that ass, that’s why i gotta keep a mask
squeeze a glock, we don’t do reebok’s, watch your speaker knock
[?] run up you get lost, with jesus take a walk
ayy, i ain’t with that slime sh*t, lil’ shiesty, i’m a gangsta
i’m front door with that iron, b*tch
tell these rappers stop that lyin’ sh*t
i be really in the trenches, state to state, in front line with it

- 100k mgmt كلمات اغنية