dedication – 16raheem كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1: 16raheem]

so alone prolly talk to the mirror
eat a blunt and a lighter for dinner
i keep talking people off the ledge
it got to the point that i start to consider
corona virus not what i’m fearing
i got other problems
need a hunnid dollars want my money piling
different color collar, can i talk about it
how will i make it out?
blocka blocka started out with nothing
i was lonely r.i.p. to speaker knockerz
lotta them stay with the heat like mario chalmers
know some people that can’t walk with out it
show my wild side i feel like i’m christopher walken
but i’m not a window shopper
meeting my idols i talk with them some of them gone
and then some of them got me scholar
losing my balance still 10 toes
so much built up it can blow any mo
if they ever wanted something lemme know
no i don’t work in that way that any mo
i feel betrayal they spit in my face
all the love that i gave
going down every drain
stuck on the proving ground
i swear i keep on explaining the sh*t
gonna drive me insane
i been so disconnected my perspective is ignorant
walk different swear i’m stepping amphibian
they do not know all the lingo it feel like they won’t
understand me the message i’m scribbling
constantly say that you real but you turned on your day 1s
no i can’t figure it out
i got your back until u can get up by yourself
no you can’t get what you want
i think these people is missing the point
i never force it but wish they support
i just sit back and i think bout how n0body got me
i’m dolo i’m kissing a joint

[verse 2: jst**zzy]

hol up baby how you doing
my name is st**zzy how you doing
my nuts are perfect for scr*w*ng
so can i fix you in the morning
stank breathe keep yawning
bench press outta covers
sneaking nah creeping
freaking outta the apartment
and leaving without alarming
in 10 mins when my alarm hit
so i gotta leave to make music
i’m the best you ain’t no it
a lotta people ain’t notice
i move with a sudden motive
should’ve told
shouldn’t close
sudden death
head to toe
now all these n*ggas dead
except my n*gga ibraheem
he colder than me
see i k!ll ya
but i charge a fee
he do that sh*t for free
like it’s all a sport
he in my corner shooting
no 2s 3
means all these rappers got no d
they up out they zone
no 2*3
i got em all jumping shooting at they feet
dancing to my discography
feeling like drake in 2015
if ya reading this it’s too late
if ya hearing this sh*t it’s too late
ya getting hypnotized like my name was biggie
imma bad boy
records rest my case
yeah i really write
all my d*mn lyrics like my mind is tight
inside job what it feels like
but i’m letting loose
like my 3rd wife
sh*t i’d give h*lla feat
but these rappers ass
can’t even bust a lil free
they think it’s gas but it’s really trash
think they up in they bag
these n*ggas don’t know how to act
i shoot lines like movies
hey momma i’m up on the big screen
top 3 where i’m placing make my momma proud
is when i really made it
that’s where i put my hard work and dedication
to my paintings can wait to get the payments
if i don’t get my money
might have to treat them like dababy

[verse 3: anchnt]

might have to treat em like dababy
slap a dude if he don’t pay me
won’t catch me slapping a lady
wet like the navy now pass me the rock
anchnt got the burbs on lock, riding v12 in a parking lot
i work a lot, ya i work a lot
might die young pop a perc and drop
gotta find somebody like me
i don’t know n0body like me
i don’t know n0body like me
i don’t know n0body like me
i don’t trust n0body n0body surprise me
im flowing wit ibu we k!llin a type beat
hoes all on my d*ck i want me a wifey
thinking too much she all on my psyche
wrap it so tightly just me and my backwoods
shake they hand and act good
if he pack good then he rap good
he that good
f*ck this sh*t going to bates
f*ck b*tches going to hate
f*ck this i write like tron
bombs to the face we been hard since grade 8
freestyle on play dates
last night she play date
i don’t play too much
i’m cold like green bay
if she ugly i play dead (ice)

[verse 4: jack fvoe]

mayday, mayday
crash land got a slight hand
mike tyson with the right jab
don’t forget that i will fight back
keep the notebook on the nightstand
sleeping on me i ain’t like that
people ask me if i write that
i’m like h*ll yeah man i’m like that
i don’t know why they doubt
they clout thirsty like a drought
i, swim circles i’m a trout
don’t even try to count me out
i’m good with number like accountant
i get streams like a river
y’all still get allowance
allow me to speak
allow to be
the best i can be
i will never fall
i will never cheat
i’m kinda like god you cannot defeat
you cannot see
i’m top of the league
no one else can compete
when i spit i k!ll the beat
autopsy on the scene

- 16raheem كلمات اغنية