second guess – 18 over par كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

sitting around in my room today.
i don’t think that i’m going to stay.
i’m thinking about moving out pretty soon.
i wanna be gone just before noon.

my parents are yelling
they don’t understand me
they think that i’m some sort of freak
i try to explain that
it’s not all my fault
but i just end up losing more sleep.


now don’t you go blaming this whole mess on me,
cause you are to blame none the less.
but if you leave here crying, unhappy, and faceless
then you just failed one of life’s tests.

my mind isn’t settled
i still can’t think clearly
and i know that i’m needing you less.
if you still think i’m worthless
and i’m not worth keeping
there is no use for a second guess.


- 18 over par كلمات اغنية