organized crime – 21 savage كلمات اغنية

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in this organized crime
everything gotta be precise
and everything gotta be on time
n-gg- organized crime
walk light chalk lesson
always keep a sharp mind
n-gg- organized crime
it’s gone be good it’s gone bad
but that’s all part of the grind
when you live an organized crime
but most important keep that……by ya side
n-gg- organized crime

(21 savage)
i ke….i keep that sh-t by my side dog. ( 21, 21)
i walk around with that iron dog
i gotta 30 on my 9 dog
i keep a stick like i’m blind dog
young savage really from the streets
put em on a plate and ima eat
steak, cake i want money like bill gates
i won’t pull up in a wraith
spent some hundred on some bake
spent a hundred on my baby
blowing money like a baby
blowing money like a floyd
i’m the plug in court
slaughter gang got the sword

- 21 savage كلمات اغنية