the rapists for $500 – 37 slurp كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

it’s 1: 58 can’t sit still in my chair
staring at the clock just waiting to get out of there
seconds tick by, but it seems like an hour or more
the final bell rings as i head for the door

out on the road
drivin to the punk rock show

hop on 95 northbound for the show
get into the buick, hit mcdonald’s then we’ll go
windows down, music loud, everyone packed in tight
going 90 down the highway as delran fades out of site

we’re all singing van halen
nothing beats these nights
nancy’s reserved our table
everything’ll be alright
(let’s go!)

another night, another show
another night out on the road
spottin quick checks and listening to the radio
another night, another show
playin maximum rocknroll
these people are my family
this place is my home

- 37 slurp كلمات اغنية