3kids – [602] prophet كلمات اغنية

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just turned 7 when i first saw a body

bro was 16 when he first got a homi

brothers keeper watch out for my homies

when i was young that’s what og’s told me

fast forward now i’m f*cking og

started out as a younging leveled up to big homie

19 grown folk call me og

late nights coming home

saw my father push dope

used to cook it on the stove

he would sell it for low

they would buy to get high

what you need he’ll supply
almost went the same road

if you ain’t know now you know

if you ain’t know now you know

if we want it we would take it

rob a b*tch to earn payment

what the f*ck is you thanking

steal his chain if it’s sw*nging

girl set you up and sent the location

where you from what you banging

southside i’ve been claiming

hot headed no patience

white owl i face it

i was young i ain’t no know better
i just was tryna get cheddar

i’m from a place where we plot our revenge and settle vendettas

look we was just 3 kids

hotboxing in a g*whip

chop shops is where we is

jefe said he don’t need it

dump the car or we keep it

don’t say a word it’s a secret

and that’s exactly what we did

that’s exactly what we did (9x) ya

(ah the lean ah the wok ah it’s consuming me)

what we did

consuming me uh

now we got the bands out

taken no hands out

this the last stand now

pop another

lean got me slowed down

f*ck a side hoe now

talking to my shortie

boutta smoke another

([602] prophet)

we don’t f*ck around in the southside

nola getting smoked too catch em on the outside uh

boutta run it up in the night time

602 got ya mans calling hotline


woah wait

we making the big moves

i can not be stopped feeling like goku

flex on a n*gga like i don’t even know you


do i even know you

trust i got shooters do not make me show you

my n*ggas be troopers you n*ggas be clones

you don’t want war just leave us alone

remember the days used to trap off the phone

my n*ggas was hungry we scr*pped on our own

and you should be just watching your tone

flyin over n*ggas just like a drone

f*ck i*i was still tryna write after that sh*t

but it’s cool let me write after all this

- 602 prophet كلمات اغنية