smashed’n’trashed – 69 eyes كلمات اغنية

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baby baby baby let me pick your cherry
go star-gazin’ on yer back
to crack a judy’s teacup i’ll give you a little upshot
doncha say your mama’s comin’ back
i may be too upside down
on your dead-end street
but you’ve got that love so deep
it’s gonna be a double-event for you and me

can’t get thru
2 smashed 2 trashed

i can’t help myself born to raise h-ll
doin’ that bone dance much too well
been to mexico been to jericho
been so blind as a boiled owl
i can’t feel no pain
now i’m right outta my brain
don’t know the way back home
likkered up and laid to the bone

can’t get thru
2 smashed 2 trashed

- 69 eyes كلمات اغنية