niggaz like us – 8ball & mjg كلمات اغنية

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rollin’ down park avenue b-mpin’ maze
my caddy with them switches, got them b-tches in a daze
n-gg-z on the gank, smokin’ dank, goin’ nuts
and all i see is dope and dead n-gg-z bl–dy guts
sometimes i go and click and smack my b-tch up with the gat
or blow up n-gg-z cars, cause i heard they call me fat
no i’m not a wimp, cause the pimp is in my nature
i got too many hoes bein’ away, but ain’t my flavor
i’ma dope seller, stick ’em up, killer or whatever
game from slangin’ birds, 211 or 187
smack up my b-tches on the street that owe me ends
learn from the start, in the game ain’t no friends
just a lot of b-tches with they hands out

what’sup with that?

smilin’ in my f-ckin’ face, stabbin’ me in my f-ckin’ back
all up in my business, what’sup with my grip b-tch?
steppin’ up, one n-gg- died with a mouth full of pimp sh-t

what’sup with the b-tches aye? what’sup with the b-tches aye?

f-ck me, suck me, jack me, ’til my diggidy-d-ck -j-c-l-t-

what’sup with n-gg-z aye? what’sup with the n-gg-z aye?

tell ’em not to f-ck with some n-gg-z like us!

hook: (4x)

i’m reachin’ for the pump and the loaded automatic
it’s 6/5 bombs from the box in the attic
a phone call from eightball let me know the scope
t-money and j.b. had to scope a young hoe
not a true b-tch, but a true b-tch n-gg-
we rollin’ thick as h-ll so how the f-ck that n-gg- figure?
his gun nor his gang is gonna be a threat to us
with 1 fire bomb, 1 got him at the dusk
and the n-gg- down with me said:(d-mn g you been having gank?)
and at that very moment, he was askin’ me to shank it
a n-gg- ain’t suppose to smoke a trick and get sad
and that’s the first example of a killer goin’ bad
i gotta take him out, if he live he’ll confess
so eightball you ready?(yeah)
shoot him in the chest -1 shot-(i got him)
one mo’ motherf-cker dead over bullsh-t
guess he didn’t really know the n-gg-z he was runnin’ with
m.j.g., eightball and killa-b
lil’ han and j-smooth, t-money and j.b.
lettin’ these imitation motherf-ckers know
n-gg-z like us don’t be headin’ to the flo’.hoe!

hook: (4x)

suckers can’t get none

suckers can’t get none

g. p-ss me my clip so i can load my lil’ uzi gun

eightball you got me covered main?

yeah i got yo back main

let these

- 8ball mjg كلمات اغنية