custard creams and zoots – a c e كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

master plans made by the crafters hands

laugher canned and passed back as ganj

must agree the flow is positive as rasta vibes

i pass the mic after it’s been busted clean


but ur biting rappers styles like a custard cream stop

fat baggy kush cuz i’m mad about the bush

u luck what cali could it’s brown laddy look

don’t lose your persona as the sniff the buds aroma

a daze you crave becomes hazy days

i don’t drink but i blaze i love the vibes it portrays

always thinking these thoughts that don’t make sense

the cardboard on the floor says ten cents per bar
but everyone’s trapped in their own mindset forever

these rhymes nest together

dying request for a quest to endeavour for respect on the scheme

still ain’t get respect like dangerfield

wanna pay the bills with a major reel of flame bars

don’t care about insane cars or flashy jewels or dough

still got more flows in the database brain

spots of irritation crater*face itch

later laced the spliff to erase a greater twist

don’t know what the placement is

of this toxic showbiz sh*t

the mic and the mask control my actions

the right and the past is an untold distraction
when i spit at spitters expect the line to flatten

a pattern occurs another rhymer down

i flung my crown and cracked a ginger ale can with my fingernail man

- a c e كلمات اغنية