3 a.m – a17 كلمات اغنية

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[intro: a17]
ouu she hit me up on that 3 a.m, asking what ya doing? how ya feeling? said that i’m chillin like a villain, poppin another pill in to get out of my feelings. wrist froze, igloo. my neck glows, yeah you know i got all this money on me oh no
[verse 1: a17]
bih you know i’m chillin like a villain, ouu you said i loved you on my ig when i’m just straight chillin. got that bag and that birkin not for you, you don’t deserve it. too submissive got a perc in ya system, line them up with no clippers. yeah my last hoe hit me up saying oh no you know that i’m better than your next hoe, she know i’ve been actin different, but that sh*t that she say she knows i won’t listen. been so distant cause i was out there poppin mollies, poppin some money honeys, you know that i’ve been straight trippin. yeah i’m do it right, best time of my life. if ima be honest you know that i’m about it, he pull up to me yeah drop another body. i know you’ve never done it
[verse 2: a17]
you say i’m straight chillin, just like i’ve been a villain. yeah you thought that i was frozen, yeah you know you’re not important, all my females they imported . should’ve deleted every message, number 2 is in my phone no no, should’ve told her it was just a photo, but when she saw me in the face i know i had to go back to number 1 cause number 2 gon leave me solo
[chorus: a17]
she hit me with that 3 a.m ask how ya feelin. i told her i’m straight chillin like a villain. pop another pill in to get it out my feelings. perc in the system ouu she too submissive. ouu i’m lining up all these hoes in the bedrom, but lining up with no clippers
{post*chorus: a17]
how is you feeling, said i’m chillin like a villain, poppin another pill in to get it out of my feelings. 3 a.m ask me how am i feeling told her i’m straight chillin. chillin out like a villain, popping another pill in to get it out my feelings

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