1129 – abandonation كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
11:29 it’s about the time to rhyme
let the lighter spark while my pen strokes on the paper’s lines
beats thumpin’, queen is dancin’ in the living room
feelin’ like i’m livin’ a dream that’s when i hit the zoom
to get a closer view i’m looking deep inside of you
mirror image, there’s not a difference i can see in you
i wanna hit the zoo i’m feelin’ like an animal
caged up and feelin’ limitless see my spirit drift
take this handkerchief and wipe away your tears, homie
you’re not the only one that’s looking for the answеrs, homie
but i ain’t stressin’ it livin’ in my head, it’s just
i try еxpressin’ it and that’s easier said, so i
keep in mind that you and i are of the same breed
and everything that’s breathin’ life occasionally bleeds
i cut it deep to the point that’s where it hurts don’t it
how’s it feel to be equal but we never show it

11:29, 11:29, 11:29, 11:29
11:29, 11:29, 11:29, 11:29

[verse 2]
pass the human torch and watch me john blaze
it’s amazin’, eyes slanted adjacent to asians
i got my music box blastin’ to some reggae jams
neighbors thinkin’ that we’re jamaican
we’re not some cleo scams
it be that urkel wisdom flooding up my dome piece
meditating up in cloud 9 in my hoodie fleece
element fitted, beast from the southern east
lyrically i feast on the beat appetite obese
and that’s the least i got more tricks up my sleeve, ninja
ninja star, ninja sword, ninja chop you
if you try to stop my reign to the top
my rhymes are too proper
l!ckin’ shots like pets at veterinary doctors
11:29, 11:29, 11:29, 11:29
11:29, 11:29, 11:29, 11:29
11:29, 11:29, 11:29, 11:29

- abandonation كلمات اغنية