3572 – ​abbot كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

“so what does god have to do to get your attention?”

now i can see the truth
now i agree with you but much too late
back then i pleaded you
don’t leave, i needed you, that’s me today

and i told you that i
i’d come over any night
mmm, you won’t end up alone

and i told you to have faith
and you told me to be happy
and i told you to have your way
but you bet me to be happy

i got tired of [?]
[?] i’d be happy
then you [?] to my face
just so i can make you happy

push me down to the floor
and tell me you can’t handle me no more
question if you were even in my head
whеn i was driving towards that wall
in the silence [?] your lips
so you wouldn’t tеll me to no more
couldn’t hold you, i don’t deserve you
yeah, i can’t help but notice that i’m tryna be
the man that you’ve always wanted
i never meant to hurt you, that wasn’t me
i won’t break another promise
and now i’m trembling, it’s gonna hurt
i guess just f*ck this conversation
[?] if you f*ck it, i’ll take it off
i stay for you if it’s consolation


i’m in danger, i’m suffocating

[bro my sh*tty ears couldn’t understand anymore]

- abbot كلمات اغنية