racist – abk (anybody killa) كلمات اغنية

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who gon grant you to be
who gon grant you to be
who gon grant you to be
that’s not my style
get the fucc outta here


people hate me because my skin
or the ways that i look at them
or is it becaus emy braids
sometimes swing all in they face
could it be pay nuthin
hang on the blocc cuz i don’t give a fucc
or is ti because my flow
make a real muh fucca wanna lose control
people hate me because they racist
actin like they neva seen a native goin places
muddy face and all
creepin up to attack and take out the frauds
if you are here i suggest you bounce
unless you wanna see a tommy hawk split your mouth
in other words
put that racist in his place
do what you gotta
no matta what it takes


get stopped by the cops
cuz i represent
like it’s my fault
your thoughts don’t mean sh-t
so they pull the race card, gang-related
group in this in a hoopty faded
who do they think they are
hatin on me cuz i’m raisin the cause
my life, my mind, my choices
fucc what they think
i ignore hatin voices
try to tell us how to dress
and how to act
and how to live
fucc that
well they can keep they b-lls

you put your hands up
what what! ?
you with the sticcer int he window
it’s a fuccin sticcer
what are you doin with that in your window
it’s a fuccin sticker
put your hand up and get down on the ground
this is some bull sh-t


don’t you know i’m on top
wanted dead or alive by the world
cuz i’m bringing somethin hot
i’m a killa that you can’t stop
never once will you see tied down on the tracks in a knot
i get chased cuz i hate
now i’m ready to fight
if anybody wanna make it
bring the move right on
and if your fuccin luccy
at your funeral they will play this song

he lived life for love and good
now he’s dead and gone
it’s his tim eor this world hatin
doin others wrong
how come people build up courage
to hate on someone else
that’s why i keep it underground
stay away from all the stress


- abk anybody killa كلمات اغنية