100 days – abm (all business matty) كلمات اغنية

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intro: (sparkitup audio!)
abm on the track!

hook: way too long, but
patience paid off
we are strong cuz it’s been 100 days off
the outbreak’s not wrong, but
it makes us all cough
victory will be ours and
it’ll take some time

verse 1: it’s been a while
coronavirus, autism, all in a pile
anxiety, depression, one tile
those feelings are very normal
i don’t know why i’m not so vital
is there a way for survival?
maybe i can run one mile
it’s been a long time
coughing doesn’t put me in a casket
others could’ve died from my basket
quarantining, i have past it
mentally. i don’t feel well
dreams become true if you’re passionate
long time, no see. it’s very rationate
cannot be together. not impossible
we will see each other very soon

verse 2: i am on your side. nothing to do
if this didn’t happen i’d be just like you
happy, not sad, but anxious too
mental health battle wouldn’t worsen
i am feeing down. down in the blue
why a gang? don’t be in a crew
step in another shoe. think before you speak
why am i the one getting slammed on?
do i really have to run a marathon?
you just desperate for me to be*gone
this don’t mean i’m going bye*bye
you’re the one to feel old
i’m the one to get gold
but the nonsense is bitter cold
let me get warmed up, then we’ll talk


- abm all business matty كلمات اغنية