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oppression – abomination lyrics

من فضلك انتظر...

in the turbulent sixties
one was free to make a choice
if he chose to use dope
he could shout and raise his voice
as the eighties took its toll
everyone was soon to know
frozen lost society
bent on war and poverty

the right of privacy, has been denied
they just can’t see, the pressure caused politically
they just can’t feel, the way we feel oppression

subliminal messages on the tube
devised to help you make a choice
is this still a free country
or just a political voice
many contradictory statements
regarded often far and few
the kind and thoughtful smiling preacher
busted finally, child abuse

as we finally reach the nineties
diurnal freedom is a joke
the strong arm of the law
holds us all by our chain
injustice in the system
money still will speak
doctors and the lawyers
regulate the weak

the right hypocrisy has been supplied
they just can’t feel the pressure

- abomination كلمات اغنية