befouled with zest – abysmal torment كلمات اغنية

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hate for the worms diluted in blank emotion
carved away from mind in utter abjection
let them swarm while they’re gnawed by life
bursting with dread living by the knife
overflowing disgust eclipsing pity for the weak
so blind and lost over dull ends that they seek
bleak prospect salvation in a wh-r-
as i peal away the crusty skin i wore
so cold and empty like never before
all pathetic before my soulless core
your immediate conscience is split in two
befouled with zest [x8]
emphatic delusion you’re still clinging to
unable to see god dying within your veins
bound constrained with disembodied chains
of venomous dogmas and gods to burn
lingering in delusion inside they churn
never i shall kneel before any f-cking deity
i killed faith along with hope in teleology
righteousness has no substantial consistency
same as evil but they still ache in despondency
divided battling frantically over senseless b-n-lity
failing to see cause and effect as the only reality
pursuing love to fulfill all of their pathetic dreams
wneh love is sickness in this age brought to extremes
accept it and die alone
befouled with zest

- abysmal torment كلمات اغنية