omega – abyss above كلمات اغنية

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time shall be the limit of my suffering
swallowed by the sands of time
burden keeps dragging me down
how could i sink so low
nothing gets better with time
all is left to die
buried deep within my eyes
patiently carving the scars in my life
carving the scars
in my life
carving the scars
into my flesh
time shall be the end of my suffering
nothing gets better with time
we all deserve to die
writhe among broken gl-ss
instilling rot in all of us
writhe among broken gl-ss
rot in the eyes of your god
damage has been done
and i can’t rebuild what i’ve crushed
beneath the weight of my life
i will find nothing but ashes and dust
ashes and dust
i will face my doom
i will always burn
time come and take me to my tomb
leave them all to mourn

- abyss above كلمات اغنية