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get to the point – acappella children lyrics

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i was busy minding my own business
simply trying to stay on top of my game
never thinking about consequences
always finding me somebody to blame
but then it came together
when i read this letter
a message from somebody named paul
he wrote of one who bought me
all the things he taught me
i really thought i’d heard it all

get to the point: i will if you ask me
get to the point how have you changed?
i was on sinking ground
until he turned me around
and i know i’ll never be the same
get to the point: i’m trying to tell you
get to the point what have you done?
it is not what i’ve done
but what he’s doin’ for me
and i know we’ve only just begun

we’ve only just begun

now i’m busy mindin’ my father’s business
tryin’ to do what he told me to
and i still have that wonderful letter
knowin’ every time i read it it’s new
today i never worry
my vision’s never blurry
i’ve found someone to handle the stress (jesus)
i know you really need him
so would you like to meet him
i’m prayin’ that the answer is yes

repeat chorus

all your efforts will be in vain (no matter what you do)
trying to save yourself will drive you insane (he sees you through and through)
crossing that final change with confidence (i’m crossing that line)
is what you can do through his providence

repeat chorus (x2)

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