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a good leader – adriana lyrics

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a good leader (5:12) from:

today i’m taking the day off, just to talk about the things you want me to do,
i know i’m late on rent but my soul is calling,
and i don’t think i want to follow some of you,
i know sometimes we can be so judgmental,
but some of us can learn to speak the truth,
so please can you try to be understanding,
this is just one of my million points of view

a good leader always teaches bout forgiveness, (not fighting)
a good leader guides the people through the path of love, (just teach them love)
a good leader doesnt’t fight against the fighter,
but instead teach them a lesson not to be like them
a good leader doesnt’t promote on m-ss destruction,
a good leader works on self issues before the others,
a good leader is not a blamer but a comp-ssionate soul,
this message is for you the one who wants to grow.
have you ever wondered what you’re fighting for?
have you seen the child within you to see what went wrong?
you can’t fight your way to freedom,
can you see, that’s something already yours.
have you ever thought about the soul your touching?
who do you think you’re doing all this for?
that the never ending war you’re fighting,
is the past you’re not letting go chorus
(today i saw your crisis, and it made me feel so scared,
i refused to live my life the way you planned,
your dreams are all about the money and power you can get,
you have yet to learn why your soul keeps starving)


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