late at night – afroman كلمات اغنية

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late at night

check out this beat mayn


late at niiiight i wonder and i roam
i feel soo goood i dont wanna go home
?(clap)? and snaps (?(clap)? and snaps)
taking laps around the hood
play my musiiic
’cause it makes me feel real good


’83 coup guess who in it?
gettin searched by da cops evry 35 minutes
hope i get sum p-ssy while im drunk and high
befo i f-ck around n catch a dui
hungry hustla hattiesburgundy
drink till my eyes turn burgundy
the ?(b-tt)? hit the beer n i started to buzz
in da middle of da street danm ’cause (danm ’cause)
crazii is wat i drive you
if you work at da drive through
’cause we been smokin weed in da country
babii we got da munchies
but now days im polite n not rude
’cause i don want babii grl to spit in my food
how ya’ll doin?… alright…. thank you very much … uh good night


row up da indo
row down da window
let da wind hit my face
while i hit da weed.. b-mp da b-ss
swerve to da spot where my homeboiz meet
messin up traffic in da middle of da street
the rest kickin back in da sidewalk
i floss my ride n glide like a hawk
i drive real fast then i stoooop
park against da curb hit da switch n droooop
i put ?(southern compton)? in my cuuup
hop in my cadilac n pop back uuup
roll out b-mpin wut i just made
still on a mission thryna get laid
the more u drink da better i sound
go to da bar buy another round

[chorus till end]

- afroman كلمات اغنية