3am (retro remix) (簡體字/simplified characters) – aga 江海迦 كلمات اغنية

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[aga 江海迦「3am (retro remix)」的歌词]

[主歌一: aga 江海迦]
故事维持不变 (i wish that you don’t know)

[导歌: aga 江海迦]
(知否真的真的) 想与你回到 最爱当天
(知否真的真的) 想回头 停留你身边
(可惜一不小心) 拉断爱情线
相恋已变成烂笑片 怎么饰演都不够自然 eh*eh, eh

[副歌: aga 江海迦]
it’s 3 a.m. in the morning and i don’t know how to say goodbye
但你应该知道我们情境多尴尬 (baby you know i know)
如假开心开心开始假得很 倒不摊开这张牌
it’s 3 a.m. in the morning baby don’t you ask me why, yeah

[主歌二: ghost style & aga 江海迦, aga 江海迦]
hey bae, uh
i know ya
get close tonight we let it go, huh
no need to feel guilty
cause we all free
like you on my mind, every time i’m with my side piece, woo!
it’s a cold world
i guess i gotta deal with it
you like the only girl
who could have been my juliette
but this ain’t no hollywood
it’s all good
honesty vibe*3am goodbye
it’s 3 a.m., it’s 3 a.m
[副歌: aga 江海迦, ghost style]
maybe it is 3 a.m. in the morning and i don’t know how to say goodbye (woo! yeah, yeah)
(’cause you know i know) [?]
而假天真天真开始假得很 (uh*huh)
令我羞愧自责恋上别人太失败 (do what you gotta do, uh*huh, yeah)
it’s 3 a.m. in the morning baby don’t you ask me why, yeah, yeah

[结局: aga 江海迦, ghost style]
3 a.m. (ya)
3 a.m. (ooh*ooh, hoo*ooh*ooh*ooh)
3 a.m. (ooh*ooh*ooh, ooo*ooh*ooh*ah)
(it’s 3 a.m. baby)
3 a.m
don’t, baby don’t, baby don’t, baby don’t, baby don’t

- aga 江海迦 كلمات اغنية