3train – agusronny كلمات اغنية

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[intro: big ghost]
big ghost

[verse one: big ghost]

[verse two: a hype]

{verse three: spiritual tendancies]

[verse four: freddie gibbs]
slammin’, when i hit you up, i’m talkin ’bout bangin’ something
chill off in your crib and have a thing, probably make it stank or somethin’
girl you like my bottom b*tch, post my bail, pay for my lawyer
play your position when them other hoes get out of order
when you wanna give me that p*ssy? you purchase a plane ticket
run around town when i bust her down, they want sh*t like them lames did it
got her d*ck whipped, my d*ck smeared with lipstick
basically if this b*tch lay with me, she payin’ me, i’m on some pimp sh*t
for real, it’s 2 a.m., club was ’bout to close up
thumbing through my contacts bout’ to call one of my hoes up
then i met you, kicked game and followed you to the breakfast spot
f*cked you like i married you that night up in the marriot
screaming like you got your cherry popped
f*cking, switching up positions
thought this sh*t would never stop, motherf*ck an intermission

[verse five: ?]

[verse six: big mike]
i’m on this beat again? deja vu
like clipse said, “wamp wamp, what it do?”
3train, the third of the trifecta
put this squad together? no one can do it better
my verbal assault, let it rain down on you like a monsoon
beef with me, that’s your impending doom
f*cking with me was a mistake
your career’s well done now, we should call you steak
and you couldn’t even catch up with me in the race
mobb deep, scared to death, scared to look me in my face
there’s no more time to plead your case
give you the hands like daredevil, cuz this is the chaste
i’m giving you that attention that you chase
keep f*cking with me, i’ll do you like ghostface did mase
agusronny, how many times i gotta warn em?
championships, champion sh*t like michael jordan

[verse seven: a hype]

[verse eight: yokai]

[verse nine: king blow]

- agusronny كلمات اغنية