gaslight – ahc كلمات اغنية

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what’s wrong, tell me
look like something you’re hiding
the truth, maybe

don’t wanna spend too much time it
it’s on
blinking on and off
on the dashboard like
orange, bright light
think my gaslight
might’ve just turned on

warning, empty
my drained, energy
why do you do it to me?
gaslight on, still blinking

what did i do wrong
maybe i did something bad
what’s wrong with me?
but it’s not the truth, no
why did you change what happened
keep it too fresh, now i’m living
think there’s something i’m missing
cuz i just ran out the kitchen
can’t handle the heat, now i’m glitching
why do you cling on me like that?
like laundry
you must think i’m a stupid b*tch
got a 19 on the act
but it don’t mean that i don’t see through see through the sheet
always act that façade around me
just stop it please, you’re embarrassing
constant pretending the problem is me
you’re not sl!ck b*tch
d*mn, too funny

ridin’ downtown with the windows down
gotta lot of stress, frowns upside down
if you don’t know wow, you’re being loud
it’s not allowed
but you continue to do it to everyone
used to respect you but now i think i am done
you wonder what happened, b*tch
i’m not the only one

now we’re just
flying down on the freeway
let the music bump, 808
going crazy like my flyaways
might just fly away
but you keep clipping my wings
doing a lot of unspeakable things
i don’t really understand, i don’t
you’re no fun no more
actually it’s just painful
can’t believe how unfaithful you are
this is a blessing that i can move on
look at me thriving now
look at this song, you’re wondering how
you think that i miss it
don’t wanna go back to it
someone could never be so wrong

i think that you’re crazy
switching my words to reverse
you amaze me
if i talk back, i’m attacking you
the way you act shouldn’t be a fact
but you lack so much
no touch
my vision is hazy
there’s so many lies
gaslight me to apologize
you know that i haven’t done sh*t to you
always the victim, but really the villain is you

i’m just livin’ my life
i get worked up, but it happens sometimes
driving too long with the gaslight on
this song i sing along
now its too long
me and the crew pull up to a speedway
sip a icee while gas pump flows away
sit back and listen to what they all have to say
yeah, i actually listen

now i’m out
the bass fills me up with a new sound
speaking of which
i’m off the ground
you’re wondering how

the real ones lift me up (don’t knock me down)
always here for me (don’t let me drown)
‘cus i love them and they all love me
is it too hard to believe?

i don’t wanna get into it
might as well praise all the people that give me the time
(i don’t trust you no more)
wasting all my words
don’t deserve the worst

you ain’t gonna respect me
set me free now i need to be me
when i count down to three
then you’re gonna wanna see
you don’t know me though
know that i rather be alone

better treat me like a queen
like it’s the prom night
keeping it clean
you raise a red flag
we’re on the screen
while you kick it back
i follow my dream
this is the first time i’ve seen
anybody be so green
(jealous of me)

make me sick
you talk sick
energy so toxic
just stop it

- ahc كلمات اغنية