1870 – aintmito كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

(1st verse)

good afternoon, saw you on fb, i’d like too meet you soon
trynna to shoot my shot, maybe? you’re the only girl i see

never done this but i’ll write rhymes for ya, as you can see i wrote a song for ya
still don’t know what it means? prolly ’cause we only get to talk in my dreams

sorry if i got confused about u*suite
meeting you makes it only more sweet
l love your face cause i got a fine taste
made this song for you, just in case

listen to this song when you’re feeling down, i can also be your lifetime clown
writing this song is not that easy, just wanted to sound a little cheesy


(2nd verse)

hey kylie, should i begin with a wave emoji?
no regrets that i messaged you on ig, hope to make you my future wifey

tell me when you are ready, i’ll get you sunflowers and a teddy
you sweeter than chocolate chip cookies, watch with you with your favorite movies
pure feelings for you is pretty obvious, i have never really been religious
i’d pray for someone like you to stay, see that smile in your story, i’m okay

wanna be the man who’ll treat you right, always be there for you day and night
really hope you listened, all throughout, you’re the reason, removed my bumble account

- aintmito كلمات اغنية