hope springs eternal – air supply كلمات اغنية

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hope springs eternal

pictures of you race across my mind
filling all the sp-ce there is to find
melting love’s own ice that lay so frozen
i give that sacrifice for feeling chosen

so if i face another day without you next to me
i’ll lock you in my mind and wish away the key

hope springs eternal when your near
all the p-ssion reappears
all emotions seems so strong

hope springs eternal thru your eyes
draws me closer to your side
and keeps me there where i belong

given back the trust that was so fleeting
captured by the one my heart was seeking
taken to my destiny’s horizon
searching for the moon we see it rising

and in the silence of the night, i hold you next to me
feeling dreams take flight, they set the spirit free


- air supply كلمات اغنية