360 dragonfly – akai solo كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

all of gaia’s matters
mundane trappings leaving me in tatters
you know, prior, i couldn’t hear it
all of a sudden, it’s like a sky coast, the way a road clear
anything you say has the potential to split a wig
amplify or lessen weight
what’s the verdict on your locus of control?
are you wired or are you powered by a soul?
one mind, one goal, yo
survive suffering low*key
f*ck a mat
my spare planted underneath granite
i require work and i’m eager to put it in
spinnin’ up eleventh wind
ordeals got me turnin’ like curvature in thе pike
it’s a circle ’til i trail off
grateful for thе cycle
the natural crowd regulator
rest is priority, say less
i should prioritize better, bet
i said, caveat got me curious
sometimes in the presence
compared to the reward, see, the risk ain’t sh*t
even if the paint wet
baby it ain’t a thing
put feet through the wall
dodge drama through steppin’ in dharma
assess karma
watchin’ naked and afraid
amused by the nude and they arrogance
an affluence of perspective
at least enough to influence a slum village
what we have is rare, like 360 vision
the goal to keep temperature on my temperament
temperate, like the climate of gibraltar
sh*t a wrap, like snacks packed

- akai solo كلمات اغنية