be mine – alabama shakes كلمات اغنية

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be mine

all the world can’t hold a candle to you
cause’ all the world is in the dark
i’ll tell you why i’m so sure
ooh! i took a shine to you

and all them ladies can’t change your mind
and all them girls can’t turn your head
and all them lions in the jungle at night
i don’t worry ’bout my baby

cause i know why i don’t worry
i sing me no sad songs
happy! never sad for long
don’t you call me anything doll, but your baby
i know…

all them girls might wanna rip us apart
if they wanna fight, they done f-cked with the wrong heart
they got another thing comin’
or i’ll be a dead woman

oh, and i would do all that for you
i’d do it for you

cause all them girls don’t know you like i do
all them girls don’t know you like i do
all them ladies don’t know you like i do
that’s why i call you my baby

so be mine
so be my baby
just say alright
forever and alright

- alabama shakes كلمات اغنية