trap shit – alec gomez (explicit) كلمات اغنية

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[ verse: alec gomez ]
why you tryna act tuff? you not gangster enough
i got homies that’ll pull up on you ready to dump
i’m the best rapper with it ain’t no one above
imma put you on a shirt like “rest in peace my love”
ridin’ ’round with contraband
16 b-tch with gun in hand
stackin’ up a hunned band
it’s all about the money man
clique 100 deep
yeah we f-ckin’ up these streets
the way i’m f-ckin’ up these beats
i got your b-tch up in my sheets
i’m just stuntin’ on ’em on a kawasaki
said she wanna puck i gave her stick like it’s f-ckin’ hockey
don’t knock it till you try but they will never knock me
i know why you’re mad it’s ’cause you’re not me
why you rappin’ homie you ain’t got none
they lookin at me sideways ’cause i got some
talk about the guns they wanna pop somethin’
them nuke style bombs i’m ’bout to drop one
flow fresh as f-ck y’all a hundred years old
and you couldn’t even beat me with some f-ckin’ cheat codes
i will never wife a hoe that’s the f-ckin’ g code
but i will f-ck your b-tch make her f-ckin’ deep throat
man stop biting all my sh-t
leave me alone get the f-ck up off my d-ck
southside texas, boy i represent
new age, i’m the f-ckin’ president
i heard you talkin’ sh-t, like i won’t bust back
i won’t hurt you man, just tell me where the drugs at
tryna play me for a fool wrong move, f-ck that
if you hatin’ on me you can suck upon this n-ts-ck
prep grad student
b-tch i’m so hot i make a young nun turn nudist
i’m reckeless on the mic swear that i be rappin’ foolish
i’m jesus to this rap game but i don’t keep a judas on the team
diamonds h-lla icy so they gleam
weighing up my weed on the f-ckin’ triple beam
and i got a b-tch that look just like a queen
and my lil mama hottest thing you ever seen

[ outro: alec gomez ]
drippin’ off the sauce hoe
yeah drippin’ off the sauce b-tch
woah drippin’ off the sauce hoe
yeah trap sh-t

- alec gomez explicit كلمات اغنية