32 bars – alex zandyr كلمات اغنية

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if you’re dealing war, backwards stay far
we’re dealing with truths and rights
come some more into my sight
(you no hear me yet?)
(hear me live and direct)
(walk with your tap)

yeah i don’t have a job or life n sh*t
been just tryin to write new hits
but the pain from no fame and my life being lame
makes me wanna crawl away in all the shame
all my friends got lives, they’re able to drive
meanwhile i’m sittin at my computer trying to thrive
off this youtube game and the musical world
but there’s nothin i’ve gained but my life in a hurl
feel like a disappointment
like my life ain’t sh*t, lacks the enjoyment
i’m unemployed at 18, that ain’t how it should be
people had jobs when i was just only 16
so unmotivated to do sh*t, this isn’t what i thought
my life would be like thought i’d have a job
thought i’d be driving down the way, blastin cds and tapes
but i do that sh*t now while laying in bed real late
i see my friends living their lives
i see my parents and how they use to survive
but i look at myself and i get stressed out
that i can’t bring myself to turn my life upside down
life during the days seems to be just fine
but once night hits, i see all the flaws in the line
stuck in this empty loop of nothing but struggling
to pick myself up and be the person i wanna be
so i write this to say
i’m disappointed everyday
and i wanna make people proud
but i can’t get myself away from this cloud
so i’m sorry to the people who are disapointed in me
or are scared at who i’ll soon be
trust me, i’m in the same boat
maybe one day i’ll finally jump and hopefully i can float

come some more into my sight…

- alex zandyr كلمات اغنية