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what i feel is mine – alien ant farm lyrics

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“what i feel is mine”

i’ve spilling all my guts for this
and every time i miss
i swear it’s maddening
i can’t feel beyond my fingertips
under my feet i trip
but am i stopping?

please save me
from this relationship
let me have just what i feel is mine
lay down
under the bluest sky
i wanna feel the sun until i’m blind

i don’t know what i’m supposed to do
so when it comes to you
i’m at a still-stand
time well spent is getting far and few
don’t know what else to do
it’s out of my hands


everyone needs a time of rescue
why do i feel stuck with this?
and maybe ours is overdue
i don’t want to leave this mess
there’s only one thing left to do
why do i feel stuck with this?


[chorus with bridge as back-up]

- alien ant farm كلمات اغنية