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bandaged knees – almighty lyrics

من فضلك انتظر...

sittin’ lone inside my head
no mirrors to reflect
is this here the season of joy
or the season to inject
lord this must be judgment day
take a close look at myself
are you happy?
with the hand that you’ve been dealt

the bells they toll silently
inflict invisible pain
tell me which is more righteous
chivas regal or cocaine
friends won’t answer your phone calls
call your long distance family
well i hope someone is listening
as i sing on bandaged knees

on this holy day
i took to the skies
are you tryin’ to find yourself
or just rearrange the time
open up your spirit boy
p-ss that liquid love
do you prefer possessions
or the purity of the dove


sing to me my little sister of mercy
inspiration of my life
you know i can’t stand the pain
but you know that i never cry
i play for you my love song
sung only for the d-mned
i wish i could spend tonight with you
but you know that i can’t

look inside my black lines
telling stories without couth
you might not like what they say
cause they only speak the truth
play for me tarot
slip my neck through the belt
you can’t change the ways of the game
when the cards are already dealt


- almighty كلمات اغنية