poison prince – amy macdonald كلمات اغنية

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a poetic genius is something i don’t see
why would a genius be trippin’ on me
and he’s looking at me now
but what he can’t see
is that i’m looking through his eyes
so many lies behind his eyes
and tell me stories from your past
sing me songs you wrote before
i tell you this my poison prince
you’ll soon be knockin’ on heavens door

some kinda poison prince with your eyes in a daze
some kinda poison prince your life is like a maze
and what we all want and what we all crave
is an upbeat song so we can dance the night away

oh who said life was easy
who said life was fair
who said n-body gives a d-mn and n-body even cares
the way you’re acting now like you left that all behind
you’ve given up, you’ve given in
another sucker of that slime

- amy macdonald كلمات اغنية