wither – anachronaeon كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

the barren trees point to the grey sky
rotten leaves lay on the ground
the cold winds haunt, it’s raining
and it never seems to end

a woman in clothes so thin
wanders the streets alone
trail of tears in her beautiful face
as she stumbles in fear

a time of inner loneliness
embraced by the darkness
a wish to sleep eternal
in beautiful bright dreams

candles are burning bright through windows
doors are closed and locked
screaming winds consume all heat
yes, this is the time when everything dies

gaunted and pale she hallucinates
dreaming of warm clothes and food
but she was known by none
and forgotten by all

bewinged creatures gather in the sky
together in search for the light
for these are truly the forgotten lands
watch the beauty wither and die

a cold moonlit night turned to day
but the warmth in her heart couldn’t keep death away
her mouth open wide as in a silent scream
her body stiff and numb

her blue lips never smiled again
on her chin she had crystals of tears
yes, this is the time when life fades away
watch the beauty wither and die

- anachronaeon كلمات اغنية