endoparasitic abomination – anal stabwound كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

experimentations on
high volatile organisms
mutations bring me closer to
my final product
how many have died
to birth this exterminator:
a new era of domination
death incarnate
a messenger

at last i have, found it!
generations of breeding has
brought my vision to life
putrid tendrils sprout forth
and consume the subject
as i watch behind the thick glass

spores coat the bloodied room
wriggling larvae embedded in the subject’s skin
eating away
at the freshly dead flesh
through brutality and carnage
my creation will thrive

a clump of these
ungodly cells
is all i need
to replicate and breed
this monstrosity
it’s seed is sown by its
own internals
vile instinct to procreate

cells divide within abhorrent wombs
rapid incubation
a ring of gnarled t**th emerges from the cloaca

- anal stabwound كلمات اغنية