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baby your so last year – anasasis lyrics

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well i couldn’t place,
how i felt,
when i drew on my eyes,
whether i wanted to be,
perfect or just be me,

i’m gender queer,
and you can’t stand it, you can’t stand it!
i’m not here to be what you want,
and you hate me, you f-cking hate me,

and you can’t stand the facts,
you can’t memorize the words,
shame on you, shame, shame,

that was when,
you couldn’t place,
how you felt,
when you drew on your arm,
that was when,
we watched you bleed,
and wondered how the f-ck,
it got this hard,

and you can’t stand me,
you can’t stand me,
without you,
is one thing i would prefer,
i’d sooner spit on you,
than touch you’re oh

[screams form with singing]

your not worth this (i’m not whole)
i can’t feel you there (for you turned to stone)
you can’t stand it, you can’t f-cking stand it!

[insert laughing]
[end of song]

- anasasis كلمات اغنية