13 reasons why – anderson burrus كلمات اغنية

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lot of tears
that you fight to hold back
you never thought things
would ever get so bad
you hate the weekend
just as much as the week
but the pain doesn’t stop
until you fall asleep
that alarm begins ringing
you open up your eyes
that smile on your face
is the ultimate disguise
one that everybody buys
cause they don’t see the signs
cause you’ve gotten so good
at convincing them that you’re fine
planning for the weekend
cause you think that you can handle it
break down from anxiety
and have to call and cancel it
it’s ruining your social life
pеople start ignoring you
you think about the future
and thеre’s nothing to look forward to
want a start a family
and move into a home
now you struggle to accept the fact
you’ll always be alone
n0body’d even miss you
you’ll always be a burden
so it isn’t really suicide
it’s like a public service
that makes you nervous
cause you don’t want to end it all
thinkin bout reaching out
to therapist you went and saw
parents might find out and since you don’t
want to get them involved
you’re scrolling through your contacts
and you’re looking for a friend to call
put the phone down thinking this is too much
they won’t know how to help you
cause you’re way too screwed up
maybe they’ll ignore you
say they don’t wanna listen
tell you you’re not suicidal
you’re just dying for attention
take the pills they give you
and feel a little better
but take that whole bottle
and your problems gone forever
so you think that’s the answer
because you don’t wanna live
and wherever you go afterwards
it can’t be worse than this
no, it can’t be worse than this
it just can’t be worse than this
that’s how you get pushed to the brink
that’s when it happens
you act and don’t think
she was bi*polar
manic, about to break
took the whole bottle of pills
then she sat back to wait
that’s when she realized
that she has made a mistake
grabbed the phone to call her dad
but he got there too late
kid at my school
i guess he had enough
the 8th floor of his building
he decided to jump
heard someone say
he took the easy way out
i’ve held a razor to my wrist
trust me, it isn’t easy
a man in my support group
only came a few weeks
he just sat back and listened
he didn’t really speak
he was depressed, but getting better
at least that’s what he said
the next week we learned
he put a bullet in his head
i won’t forget that moment
the entire room was overcome with emotions
why didn’t he reach out
if he was that broken
we’d do anything to help him
and we didn’t even know him
then tears started flowing
but they weren’t all for him
we were crying for his family
we were crying for his friends
if he really cared about him
why’d he put them through this
that’s the night i saw
what suicide really is
its selfish
yeah, it sounds heartless
sounds like i’m trying to turn
a victim to a target
but i know what depression’s like
it’s easy giving into that
people love you
but it doesn’t want you to remember that
makes you feel alone
but your family and friends care
and the second that you end your life
you destroy theirs
trust me, i’ve seen the aftermath
of families going through it
and at times it’s been the
only reason i refuse to do it
because i’m not happy
i’m also not delusional
depression makes it hard to see
that life is truly beautiful
i know for us it isn’t
and it really freakin sucks
and i don’t what the solution is
but it’s not giving up
it’s not dying in a bathtub
slit wrist bleeding
you don’t care about your life
but to others it has meaning
so fight and do it for them
screw your 13 reasons
cause once you’re gone, that’s it
there’s no second season
but that’s how it gets depicted
as a way to get revenge
as a way to get attention
but give it a couple weeks
and most people start forgetting
and your rip hashtag
on twitter quits trending
but the ones close to you
their wounds are never mended
cause your death was just a tragedy
that could’ve been prevented
you leave them heartbroken
always staying up at night
wishing you could hear them
from the other side

- anderson burrus كلمات اغنية