11:11 – andrelle كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

i ain’t felt lost in a minute
something in my spirit feel conflicted
praying up to god can he heal me

guess i’mma rock til we end it
see imma stop at the finish
run so hard wont diminish meee
n*gga can’t you see imma grind til i get it

the purse you need to seize
like n*ggas was role models
from he*rs* and eulogys
them n*ggas was goal uncles
i cross a thousand seas
to see if you k!ll giants

sometimes i feel sick to my stomach
like ion wanna see you
guess that’s how you pressed to my tongue
my fonics supersede you
running through the streets to the morn
i wished i’d never meet you
guess that’s the price that i pay
my love could never leave you

- andrelle كلمات اغنية