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love is the strangest way – andy summers lyrics

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some s-x can be better when it’s on the phone
some people leave you feeling even more alone
she breaks like a rain cloud inside my head
and i am filled with the things that i might have said

it never seems like the way that it’s meant to be
we stick together out of need and insecurity
love grows when you make it unconditional
sometimes i have to wonder is this fictional

love is the strangest way

you fold like an accident inside my head

cold wind blowing through my empty bed
one kiss chills me all the way to the bone
the world’s beautiful – ain’t nuthin (sic) when you’re on your own

love is the strangest way

a cigarette burns down underneath the moon
the cat jumps in the dark to an empty tune
the beat snaps fingers scr-pe along the wall
the name slips she comes like a waterfall

love is the strangest way

- andy summers كلمات اغنية