ndimakukonda – anjimile كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
your parents think i’m crazy, i can’t say they’re wrong
i’m something of a soldier marching into song
be honest with me baby, are you here to stay?
i’m asking you to love me every single day

oh, i know you do (ndimakukonda)
oh, i know you do (ndimakukonda)
oh, i know you do (ndimakukonda)
oh, i know you do (ndimakukonda)

[verse 2]
our future is uncertain, that will always be
i promise to stay with you if you’ll stay with me
doubt thou the stars are fire
doubt that the sun doth move
doubt truth to be a liar
but never doubt i love

- anjimile كلمات اغنية