121 days – anju كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

i’ve been finding it hard to get the right words out lately
i’m losing sleep
the smell of you sinks deeper into my sheets daily
it’s been a few weeks
just like dried fruit
i’ll change but hold true to my essence
but the deepest seed inside of me
held a search for someone like you

so much to digest
heartbeat through my chest
what is this (take a breath)
heart starts to bend for a camera lens
got to prove (good for you)
and you’re planting peach trees
with every next tear i shed
you tuck mе into bed
when i was like a child with my cheek on your shouldеr
you helped me see i was somewhat of a soldier

when i feel you upon me
the sights of a city
infiltrate my eyes
berkeley hills, crooked sidewalks
manhattan metros and street shops
where i hurt and i grew
massachusetts trees, minneapolis breeze
built a home out of you
mixing pixels and stretching time zones
mother tongues, chewing on collarbones
we grew a tree
sing you to sleep
trusting in me
wishing you peace

what a gift to share the sun
rest your head next to mine
fifteen ended and begun
every second of your life

i never meant to make a storm
the way the waves embrace the shoreline
what a gift to stand arm in arm
trusting in you, trusting in time

so much to digest
my ear to your chest
what is this (what comes next)
when i start to miss
early mornings (tracing lips)
once again i must remember (how to exist)

till the blue will erode in the most of us (i wish it will)
i’ll stay praying for the both of us (singing at my window sill)
fifteen, a million little ways
one hundred and twenty*one days

- anju كلمات اغنية