yet they still ignore – antisect كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

“it’s a shame about the third world.
they’re starving at our feet.”
“are you sure you’re quite alright now george?”
“have you had enough to eat?”
“there’s lots and lots of stew left.
it’s over there on the shelf.”
“are you sure you’ve had enough now?”
“well you can always help yourself.”
(yet they still ignore…)
woolworth’s have got a sale one
“how about a treat?”
says hubby to ‘the wife
as they’re walking down the street
they’ve got so much to choose from
that they don’t know what to get.
maybe an electric toothbrush
or another cutlery set…
(and still the minutes tick away
another hour off another day
silence as the world is blind
to the agonies of humankind
people starve all over the world
the voice of inequality but few have heard
some they laugh whilst others cry
some gain ‘wealth’ others die.)
…they’ll buy a brand new toilet seat
that’ll match the nice new loo
“have you got a red one?”
“oh well we’ll paint the bathroom blue.
how about one of these?
i’m not quite sure what it’s for.
but we’ve got a couple one the mantelpiece,
and i’d really like one more.”
(yet they still ignore…)
“how about a nice big joint?
aunt lucy’s coming to dinner.”
“oh look george it’s a ‘chuckie roast’
it’s got to be a winner
they’ll lavish it with mint sauce,
finish off with apple pie,
then they’ll sit in front of the big square screen
and let their conscience die
(and yet they’ll still ignore…)

- antisect كلمات اغنية