1 life (part 2) – ard adz كلمات اغنية

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[verse * ard adz & milly95]
one live, live it well
does that ring a bell?
.38 in my nike pouch, let it ring a bell
flipping h*ll, remember a couple nights i was living h*ll
i know this life can be a b*tch but i don’t kiss and tell
see my brudda’s kid, that’s my kid as well
flipping h*ll man, i’m sick of cells like sickle cell
when you’re bagging up, put the coke on a different scale
that corn won’t fit in the twelve, you need a bigger sh*ll
my brudda’s cooking beef then i take part
opps came, caught a brudda slipping but he ain’t ours
home of the brave hearts , bro got down a pagan
came back to the ends, was still jugging from the same car
i don’t take chance, cutting from the jakes fast
i caught an opp in ramadan, i had to break fast
we’ve got something for emergencies
and trust me brudda we ain’t gotta break glass
you’ve gotta ask if you aren’t sure
blessed with a son from allah, can’t ask more
i ain’t perfect but my heart’s pure
told my brudda “shoot for the moon
you’ll hit the stars if you can’t score”
mind what you wish cah you get what you ask for
and i ain’t got a wish, just a pain that you can’t cure
heart broke as a younger, that’s why my heart’s sore
drink till i can’t see you straight and i can’t pour
i guess it’s too bad when you’re too bad
i went to war, two fours, me and two man
didn’t have a four*door, squashed up in the coupe cramped
hit a l!ck off ends, didn’t know the route back
we was too gassed, we was too gang
on the same day, me and heat l!cking two banks
we was too gang, we was too gassed
hus came to school with the burner in his school bag
so what’s life without a bit of a pain?
feds come, l!ck the door down, not this sh*t again
same sh*t different day, same book different page
one life live it well, brudda we don’t live again
so be picky when you pick a wife
if my bruddas beef i won’t pick a side
gunshots in the air, you hear that ring go by?
this is what it sounds like when sinners cry
listen i know how this song goes, heard it a million times
one slip one slide, one lives one dies
but two mums cry, you see the pain in the mum’s eyes
both of them the same, they just wanted to see their son shine
life in the fast lane, ran it with every breath
right your wrongs or own them, got it tatted, it’s in my flesh
been in situations, if i panicked i would be dead
that’s why i’ve gotta check that i have it before i step

- ard adz كلمات اغنية