34+35 (remix) – ariana grande (feat. doja cat & megan thee stallion) كلمات اغنية

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[verse: doja cat]
we stay up all night, f*ck a jet lag
you bring your fine ass and overnight bag
add up the numbers or get behind that
play and rewind that, listen, you’ll find that
i want that 69 without tekashi
and i want your body and i make it obvious
wake up the neighbors, we got an audience
they hear us clapping, be we not applauding
at six o’clock with no crushing
then it gets seven o’clock and he want it
then it hit eight o’clock, you said, “f*ck it”
forget your girl, pretend that i’m her
you make that cat purr, you make my back hurt, ayy
making that squirt, a rain, a shower, it’s sprayin’
now that’s perfect, baby, we don’t sleep enough
but i’ma keep you up, if you can keep it

- ariana grande feat doja cat megan thee stallion كلمات اغنية