intro – asaad (saudi money) كلمات اغنية

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part 1: intro

corporate saudi

smoking like i’m trying to take my mind off the money
knowing d-mn well i can’t get my mind off the money
cigarillo extra philly focused on a billi
screaming free millz, anything else to me is silly

[verse 1]
i met that man and i ain’t had to do the voice
what the f-ck that tell you, i’m the people’s choice
i love counting money, love the taste and the smell
i’m just trying to bail my brother out of jail
i hopped up out the water with that gat bag
lil something hunnid large in that black bag
f-ck money up in the club with the susu’s
type money to make n0body a who’s who
champagne showers like “drown b-tch, drown b-tch”
i’m every drug dealer’s worst feeling
just to wake up every day is a wonderful feeling
just to wake up every day is a wonderful feeling
just to wake up every day is a wonderful feeling
i’m like a billionaire’s first million
just to wake up every day is a wonderful feeling
just to wake up every day is a wonderful feeling
cake, you can’t have none
you a broke n-gga, broke n-gga
i got cake, you can’t have none
cause you a broke n-gga, broke n-gga
tour t’s that i performed at
more shows that i k!ll my fans mourn that
got your favourite rapper looking insecure
i asked that n-gga if he’s sure, he thought it was sure
i’m breaking down the weed, i got my fingers high
wake me up if i’m dreaming, am i dreaming high?
international saudi chirping off the landline
a lot of tricks up my sleeve and i iand mine
i got a sure shot and it’s point blank
walking in the bank but i ain’t try’na rob the bank
b-tches love saudi got me thinking like my momma think
b-tches love drinking, i bought that sh-t you gotta drink
can’t trust a soul, i’m that n-gga, i don’t gotta blink
more flowers, more flowers b-tch you got a stank
a n-gga all about his money then we gotta clink
the ice, the ice skating and i’m the rink
n-gga’s tripping like he’s sipping out yo momma drink
n-gga’s woozy like i spit a million bars to him
this just the intro, it’s the rest o’ the songs too

part 2

[produced by nascent]

face tattoos i’m fitting them with the suits
i’m still eating mcdonald’s, they cherish salads and soups
just call me saudi, osama obama
only god can judge me, f-ck you your honor
i’m counting all this money screaming free millz
puttin’ in that work, bossy n-gga paying bills
start to get my mind right, n-gga no tag alongs
it finally makes perfect sense, had it all along
from succ-mbing to the forces of failure, success
you ain’t doing what i did, i done it the best
feet up, sipping king island cloud juice
you a product of the closest three around you
f-ck with nine broke n-gga’s, you bound to be the tenth one
i stop counting albums n-gga when i hit the tenth one
flowers ii, thank rooski, he told me to do it
precise, i’m really in the field and my wordplay is stupid
the world is my playground and i’m having fun
i heard… then i knew i had a son
but little did i know, the shade of the sun
they copycat you just to say you ain’t the only one
b-tches only one me, but i present the clones
don’t get a name of me, n-gga get your own
i used to care bout money, nowadays i don’t
i used to help n-ggas out, nowadays i won’t
don’t think that i won’t pull it cause i f-cking will
shoot my ratchet if i have to,i’m keeping it thrill
and my hood-n-ggas love me like i made a mill’
i made a living of rap, man i f-cking k!lled
i’m the rapper, quil the trapper now put us together
if he so much as need a napkin i’m cleaning this mess up
we sitting at the table with moguls, we winning
just us at the table no labels we winning
last year i was stressing during the snowfall
this year i’m throwing cash like a snowball
igloo, iceman, saudi at the white house
dark shades, high as f-ck, outside world is white out
white i, white ii, n-gga what the f-ck it do
you know who the f-ck i am, and i don’t give a f-ck ‘bout you
tweetdelete, tough talk only on the internet
f-ck with me in real life, and n-gga that won’t be a treath
give me a check, i’mma make it do what it do momma
let’s have a threesome, just me, you and you kinda
i’m smoking dope and i don’t surf the interweb
cause that sh-t ain’t real, it’s all in your head
information mothaf-cka’s still plugged in
mex vacation, young saudi still plugged in

c0ke still wet, and n-ggas still hating
and n-ggas still dreaming, that’s why they still waiting
let’s get it

- asaad saudi money كلمات اغنية