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the island – aselin debison lyrics

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over an ocean and over a sea
beyond these great waters, oh what do i see?
i see the great mountains
climb from the coastline
the hills of cape breton, this new home of mine
oh they come from the countries all over the world
to hack at the forest, to plow the land down
fishermen, farmers and sailors all come
to clear for the future this pioneer ground

we are an island, a rock in a stream
we are a people as proud as there’s been
in soft summer breeze or in wild winter winds
the home of our hearts, cape breton

over the rooftops and over the trees
within these new townships, oh what do i see?
i see the black pitheads, the coal-wheels are turning
the smokestacks are belching and the blast furnace burning
oh the sweat on the back is no joy to behold
in the heat of the steel plant or mining the coal
and the foreign-owned companies
force us to fight
for our survival and for our rights


over the highways and over the roads
over the causeway, stories are told
they tell of the coming and the going away
the cities of america draw me away
ah the companies come, the companies go
and the ways of the world we may never know
we’ll follow the footsteps of those on their way
and we’ll ask for the right to leave or to stay


- aselin debison كلمات اغنية