the price of power – assassin كلمات اغنية

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i am in the dark
cold like steel
no one to talk to
nothing to see
in the mist are a thousand creatures
hounding me, never free
eaten alive in my own h-ll
left to rot, in eternity
could it be?
that i still live?
no one knows
forgotten souls
in my lifetime i was an ancient king in a golden era
i ruled the world with my sword as i’d enjoyed
revolutionaries and enemies i would kill
my word was the law
and my throne was untouchable
leading wars to the east and west was my success
my kingdom grew every day richer and stronger
i became so great, heaven’s god would have to fear me
never enough, the taste of power was so great
my highest desire were my dreams made of fire
my power
faster and faster, my fall as a master
falling deeper and deeper
beaten by my own beliefs
the price of power
lost everything, my kingdom gone
emptiness, still fighting on
still needing it, the power to rule
it’s eating me, never free
the red king destroyed my kingdom and my land
i’m his prisoner and a freak show for the m-sses
i’m crying out for mercy that no one can hear
arms and legs in chains
the way i disappear

from king to god, from heaven to h-ll
strong and stronger, broken and destroyed
hoping to be saved from my misery
try to get control what i can’t control
no, let’s go, free my mind

- assassin كلمات اغنية