18 – august mallèt كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

(verse 1)

i’ve got no ability to love
i’m toxic from deep inside
people always break me whenever i show them love
it’s a battle of prides
closure has got a price
now when i’m happy
it’s either pretending ’cause i’m not

shut my heart and put a yellow tape around it
it’s off limits for every person
that claims they love me
i can’t afford to fall for words
be practical about it
i have internal wounds that are like my wrist
the pain is timeless

i nevеr thought i’d neglect a person that rеally loves me
never thought i would love a person that doesn’t love me
while i’m still alive and kicking
i am feeling lifeless
‘cause that’s what happens when they take
advantage of your kindness
sometimes i feel suicidal
till i think ‘bout my momma
we’ve came a long way together
can’t imitate my father
he left you when you needed him the most
i never will
‘cause if i’d take my life then who’s gonna
take care of momma

life ain’t fairytales
life ain’t very fair
life will take you places
tour in h*ll so stay prepared
i’m only 18
cried an ocean of tears
there’s nothing i know better than
betrayal, poverty and pain

ask me to name a friend i’d say my book and pen
no one is ever loyal till the very end
but who said it ain’t normal if you ain’t got no friends
in a person, you should never engrave your happiness

(verse 2)

love any person without expectations
this goes for every person including your family
blood is thicker than water
till you have dropped your standards
back at home they think comparison
is a form of motivation
love is what they said they have for me
but fail to show it
instead they did the worst
they always left me broken

how do you hold me accountable
for not loving you
trusting you
you were never there when days were dark and lonely
tried to be consistent
and not disappoint
seems like i’m trying too hard
to not be below

at a very young age
too much weight on my shoulders
i feel unprotected
mentally i got no choices

they called me weak and useless
never noticed my worth
i’ve always tried to blend in with some mental
bruises mate
never confided my feelings ‘cause i was too afraid
that i would be that weak person who never
stood himself
all those sleepless nights
heart is aching hard
tears are falling down
no one heard my cry

i’m broken
torn within
i was treated like dirt but i still stood
and faked a smile

for all the people that i’ve met
they’ve met a different me
‘cause i’m a person with a million personalities
it’s even harder to swallow no one believes in me
i plead guilty
my life is a crazy predicament


i’m gonna fly away
it’s a brand new day
good things are coming my way
(oh oh ohh)
(oh oh ohhh ooh)
i’m gonna fly away
oh ohh oh ohh
oh ohh

and i’m only 18

- august mallet كلمات اغنية