30 to 0 – ayrick كلمات اغنية

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[forwarded from ay]
how would you cope with the death of someone you loved?
would you die too, or would spray his name on city walls
would you cross out what’s said and done, and forget all of his flaws?
would you cry all night, or would so take some nights off
would you slow down on them pills or would take more xanny bars
would you read the texts, feel stressed, rain covers your eyes
life’s precious homie, been through it all
a homie made me doubt if i’ll see him tomorrow
gasping, he’s hardly breathing asking me to stand tall
and i promise if i lose another homie i’m gon’ fall
been the good kid in this mad city my whole life
but i’m not strong enough to sing about the homies whеn they gone
and i’m not sure if i makе it through the thunders and the storms
swear everybody gon’ come with that “sorry for your loss” sh*t
promise you never leave so i’m not dealing with these folks
i know you gotta pay the price to achieve your peace of mind
but these pills ain’t gon’ fix it even though they keep you calm
i saw all the sh*t you keep in your pockets and in your drawers
i know the importance of losing money and the funds
wonder what would people think if they heard about the loss
they’ll probably say he was a weak human being that got caught
in his feelings, then they fake their condolences for fun
your ever took thirty pills and came out alive, homie pardon?
cause all these f*ckers gon be telling me they feel the same
everybody’s talkative when it comes to faking it all
i’ve been getting closer to god
now i breath responsibly cause i haven’t done enough
and it’s not the perfect timing for us to leave the scene
to leave our dreams, to leave our family behind
and i swear there are a thousand people with their stories that they wanna tell the world about before they close their eyes
and i feel the pressure everytime i’m trynna write these rhymes
don’t break a broke man with your words
cause i swear the night you called me i got froze i couldn’t cry
but anytime you needed someone to tell you how important your presence is, you know who to give a call to
[outro: pmz]
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- ayrick كلمات اغنية