and shepherds we shall be – azusa كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

sight to see truth when cover with lies
a rip through the greatest disguise
triumph from being lead astray
won’t save you when its to late

you think you are the answer
and you think you can’t be questioned
but we will rise up and fight with all that we’ve got
and were going to break down your wall
face down in the water we will stand here and watch you drown

this battlefield of torture and maim
bares the hallmark of your name
with all thats cracked and torn
we question what were fighting for

i am the soldier that marches on
i am the soldier, i am your son

ask how and why were suffocate breaths of urgency
asphyxiating we fall
right now our fallen soldiers march on heavens gate
will they be greeted or denied

as the fathers speak
the mothers weep
children’s blood lie dead in the street
innocence will die tonight were gonna make it right

so you will see the exploits of greed
turn it all around so you can see
so that our children won’t grow up to feel the pain

he deconstructs the army
and let the damage be done for nothing but greed
i’ll reconstruct the army
about face soldiers will stand and face the enemy

- azusa كلمات اغنية