0 to 100 – b.k. (rap) كلمات اغنية

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(verse 1)
bk be the best kept secret
on them papers now i started getting weed lips
i don’t really hear the talking i can read lips
worried bout myself i and me i don’t sneak diss
i ain’t really plan to k!ll em this a man slaughter
ain’t even hit her yet she actin like her man caught her
she call my son daddy, that’s my grand daughter
when he p-ss it to me i cut her just like my man barber
she want me to chase her can’t lie it will never happen
i try to never say never that sh-t will still never happen
but if she bout it ima slide like the playground
na i’m not a square but i don’t play round
uh, five nine but my d-ck long
long as you eighteen baby we can get grown
i’ll be gone a couple hours before he get home
wrapped up ain’t tryin to get no aids unless a big loan
this sh-t is easy i get in the booth and pick cherries
i been dating the game, we bout to get married
thought i was doing it before? it’s bout to get scary
i’m a king from the south…tip harris
i ain’t thugging though, selling dope for just a moment
get it and spend it fast it got me like where all this dough went
man life’s a b-tch, and it cost a lot
i mean too much to be chilling i’m never off the clock
unless its against my will i’m twenty its getting real
i’m gambling with my life and i’m ready to get a deal
mama always on my back it’s hard for me to do my dirty work
it’s the seventeenth my check don’t come until the thirty-first
d-mn, i’m really running out of patience
shooting for the stars and i ain’t running out of cases
my n-gga got some charges i just pray he beat them cases
and for his canteen if i got it i make them payments
it’s hard for a young n-gga trying to live man
especially when you’re coming from the rear man
in the back trying to make it to the front
take it day to day hoping i make it to a month
ima let these labels know i got a million dollar flow
time is money and i feel like i’m a million dollars old
aye! bk you gotta chill n-gga!
f-ck that i gotta show em i’m for real n-gga deal with it
i put all my cards on the table
i’m signed to me…i’m just going hard for the label
going hard cause i’m able n-ggas hating on some cain sh-t
gotta switch it up i’m changing i ain’t on the same sh-t…
moving on i can’t be tripping of the same chick
these girls they can’t be trusted i can’t even get a main chick
and i got so much drive you hold up traffic ima lane switch
i’m kobe in the fourth i’m making hits i really can’t miss swishhh
just how i did in real life
back at central they was sleeping i was real nice
my coach was just a b-tch i ain’t even making excuses
shot was automatic and i was crazy elusive…
but with this rap sh-t, i’m on another level
you better watch out it’s like i’m on another bezel
n-gga hot as h-ll boy i’m just another devil
better hide under your bed before i come and get you, n-gga

ima take a lil breather real quick i ain’t done. jus let it breathe for a minute this sh-t smoothe
the hennessey got me feelin, sh-t that hennessey got me feelin…ima leave it at that lets get back to the program

(verse 2)
i was a hustler then a hooper then a hustler again
and i may do a lot of things but i don’t front or pretend
ill f-ck her once or maybe twice and i won’t f-ck her again
after a while i just might try to see whats up with her friend
if its a drought her homie trippin ill just f-ck her again
she bust one before i nut and she’ll be busting again
but i won’t brag it’s not a hundred percent
cause i get rejected sometimes i just be up in the wind
socially awkward cause i’m never social
when i go out i just be looking for somewhere to go to
i’ll duck off in the corner, just being seen and not heard
feeling caged up in my mind but i done seen a lot worse
ironically the closest friend of mine is locked in jail
somehow he keep his spirits up remind me not to fail
trying to get money like i’m doctor phil
same time i’m trying to keep my soul i swear to god my sh-t is not for sale
na..i tell em never that
money won’t stop you from going down to where h-ll is at
but i ain’t trying to stay a democrat
trust that i ain’t sticking to the script that broke life ain’t for me try not to get attatched
but life is hard and i can’t stress it enough
and my d-ck is even harder i ain’t s-xing enough
remind myself i should be grateful it can always get worse
digging for treasure but it only seem i always get dirt
in every aspect, it’s like nothing is going right
they don’t go for whats tight cause they only go for the hype
and happiness sound amazing i wanna know what it’s like
i’m too different high as the ground or i be low as kite
lowest of life, i do cpr on my dream i know its alive, know its alive
lowest of lives, i do cpr on my dream i know its alive, n-gga know its alive, k!lla

- b k rap كلمات اغنية